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Postpaid Re-Imagined

Hamish and Maundy preferred 4.5G Network

XL Postpaid is now redefined to bring you the fastest 4.5G speed on a prioritised network. Discover all that you can do with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G, surf quickly and easily; stream video in high definition; game in near-real time; and download songs and photos in seconds and movies in minutes.

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Experience fast and reliable internet experience

PRIORITAS enables you to experience mobile lifestyle to the fullest, staying ahead of your demand for the capability to access the prioritised network when the regular network is congested.

We offer the plans that suits your needs

myPrio Plan

myPrio Plan

Worry-Free Talk & SMS, suitable for those
who wants a complete service

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Suitable for ‘Internet-heavey’ user with
bigger data plan size

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