Get MiFi and Quota up to 100 GB/Month with PRIO GO+

XL PRIORITAS understands your daily internet needs: big quota across all networks, a portable device, and the right price.
Therefore, we created PRIO GO+, a combination of MiFi with PRIO GO internet plan. Choose your PRIO GO+ now and get the special price from us

Stay Connected with PRIO GO Plan

After your GO + PRIO contract expires, you will automatically subscribe to the current PRIO GO Plan.
However, you can choose to subscribe to other PRIO GO Plan.

PRIO GO GoldPRIO GO PlatinumPRIO GO Diamond
Price/MonthRp 150.000Rp 250.000Rp 450.000
Data 2G/3G/4G25 GB50 GB100 GB
Other BenefitsUnlimited WhatsApp, LINE, BBM Free Subscription and Unlimited Access to iflix

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