Haven't had time to get a special discount promo last month? Don't worry, we give you a second chance to get Rp 73K discount for myPRIO plan by registering in Oktober 2018! Not only that, you also have opportunity to get 100% discount for certain myPRIO plan monthly package. The longer you subscribe, the bigger discount you will get.

Discount IDR 73K apply from 2nd invoice.
100% Discount excluding tax and only valid for new number.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Promo valid for myPRIO plan registration at PRIORITAS Center/XPLOR/XL Center, Website XL PRIORITAS, and Telesales (0818 818 031).
  2. Promo valid during registration period 1 – 31 Oktober 2018.
  3. Registration using credit card or cash with deposit payment method.
  4. Discount applies to pricing of myPRIO plan before tax.
  5. For myPRIO Platinum, Diamond, and Ultima, 100% discount only valid for new number.
  6. Promo valid from 2nd invoice. For the 1st invoice, customer needs to pay invoice with normal price.
  7. Normal price applies for usage beyond myPRIO plan, such as Booster, roaming, basic tariff, etc.
  8. Promo will not apply if:
    • Customers downgrade their plan in promo period.
    • Customers are late in making a bill payment.
    • Customer’s numbers are cancelled (by system or their own request) and want to be activated again in promo period.
    • It doesn’t apply for employee call or XL Shopping Points number.
  9. Promo cannot be combined with other registration promo.

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